Techniques in Responsive Web Design

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Responsive web design provides an optimal viewing experience for the user, regardless of whether there at a desktop, or on their smartphone or tablet. It's the future of designing for the web. In this design tutorial Chris Converse will provide a demonstration of responsive design. He'll prepare varying-sized graphics, slicing graphics in Photoshop, and will give an intro to HTML and CSS so that you can better understand the fundamentals of responsive design. You'll begin to understand how to convert Photoshop files to HTML and CSS, and with the instructional PDF that Converse will provide following the presentation, you'll be able to start trying it on your own!

In this design tutorial you'll:

  • Learn about the fundamentals of responsive web design
  • Get an intro to HTML and CSS
  • Learn how to convert PSD files to HTML
  • Get an intro to CSS media queries

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