Defining the "User" in User Experience

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Learn all about user profiles! These profiles are of fictional users that include details like: name, gender, income, marital status, what their goals are, and what they need from you and your product. In this design tutorial, Jose Caballer will teach you how to develop user profiles that can serve as the foundation for the creation of your website or application. He'll teach you the important questions to ask like, “Are my users tech savvy?” And, “What is it they like about my product?” So that you can better understand your average user and his or her thoughts and motivations. With a better understanding of these, you'll able to create a user experience that meets (and hopefully exceeds) their expectations.

In this design tutorial you'll:

  • How to treat social media as more than a tool to drive traffic
  • How to take samples of your user population
  • How to narrow your sample, and define them with personal details
  • How to define user goals
  • How this information should inform your creative strategy

This design tutorial also available to own: DOWNLOAD

Take the user experience design process to the next step by becoming a UX designer. At HOW U, Brian Miller will walk you through the user experience design process, teaching you how to become a UX designer. You’ll find out how to interpret information architecture documents, create moodboards and metaphors for a site, and how to prepare for the design phase of a web project.

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